No arguing here! You must not fight! How often have we heard these words. Or have expressed these warnings to others. We were educated in this manner, and it is most likely, that we forward what we learned in early childhood. We transmit the deep believe, that quarrelling and fighting in conflict situations is bad. But:

We all know, that at times everybody is quarrelling, arguing, fighting!

All humans are quarrelling in conflict situations, but such behaviour is frowned upon. We feel bad about doing so, hence we are not really successful at it. Our conflict behaviour tends to lead into painful injuries – on mind and body. The conclusion is, that we must learn certain methods and rules. We have to practice fighting without risk of injury.
We believe, that the basic knowhow of constructive fighting should be part of any regular syllabus.

Conflict, confligere (lat.)

= to bump into each other, to collide, to fight,
adverse interests, intentions and motives.

Conflicts and decision making coin our entire private and profession lives. Rational interests, as well as emotions and personal experiences destine opposing tendencies.

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