Beyond Reason

Beyond Reason

The project “Beyond Reason” was a “Learning Partnership” funded by the European Lifelong Learning Programme between August 2011 and July 2013. The project partners were:

– Konfliktkultur association, Vienna, Austria – as coordinator
– Central European Improvisation Theatre, Budapest, Hungary
– littlefischfilms, London, England
– Klesidra Cultural Association, Rome, Italy
– Mandala Youth Cultural Association, Sf. Gheorghe, Romania
– Humanistlik Ühendus, Tallin, Estonia

The first step of the project was about generating positive emotions, reflecting on a much broader view of love than in the usual definitions in a traditional sense. The reflection process lead to acquire competences in positive emotions, broadening the view on love and appreciation as an attitude and as core tools for dealing with growing problems of aggression, isolation and alienation in our societies.

Secondly we wanted to apply our competences, using them in form of respectful affiliation building. In this second step we wanted to explore the energies that get transported with and through appreciation and love and to experiment with the transformation of these energies into visible activities.
Of course we also acknowledged the importance of reaching out with positive communication offers to ‘everybody’, to the permanent complaining masses. Both ways, different fields, but yet the same messages of mutual respect and appreciation. The secret about being successful in building bridges lies in the sincerity of the intention. We are also deeply convinced that an appreciative attitude is good for ourselves and in general good for the world we live in.

The film is a product of our learning partnership project. It is an invitation to join in our journey, to let you get carried along. It could be used to reflect on emotions, which arise when you watch it and to share your thoughts and emotions with your fellow beings.

Here are the videos we made for this project.