Discover Peace in Europe

Discover Peace in Europe

This project started in October 2012, aiming to produce ‘Peace Trails’ in seven European cities: Berlin, Budapest, Manchester, Paris, The Hague, Torino and Vienna. Peace Trails lead to addresses where people have lived and worked or are still active in some kind of engagement for peace. We want to draw awareness to peace matters in historical and contemporary activities.

Since the 19th century peace movements have emerged throughout Europe. Ever since then peace activities are taking place, but there is little knowledge about this in public. Numerous monuments display publicly ‘heroes of wars’. But peace is hardly ever a subject for memorials.

In democracies peace depends on the people.

We, the people, are the peacemakers. If we engage for peace, it will happen. This project will emphasise the importance of personal commitments for activities for peace as the civil society, pacifism, human rights, gender, ecology and other themes for peace making.

Participation is the core challenge in democracies. And peace education promotes the necessary shift in language, thinking and acting from a mostly not conscious hierarchical or militaristic violence structured tradition to nonviolent attitudes.

For three years this project put in action public reminders on peacemakers and carried out peace trail activities and events in all partner cities, especially in summer 2014 to counterbalance the abundance of 1914 First World War mementos. Peace trails should in future become an important part of a peace culture. Hence this project has complementarity with other culture policies. We are still far away from a real peaceful humanity. But the growing influence of peace education and the development of methods for constructive conflict handling establish changes in mental attitudes towards ideas of peace.

We talk of peace not as the absence of war but as non-violent ways of dealing with conflicts, since they are inevitable to life. ‘Discover Peace in Europe’ aims to be one of the cornerstones for this development.

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