The aim of the P.A.K.T. project was to improve conflict-intelligence, to stimulate curiosity, creativity and decision-making abilities.

In the course of the project, conflict education modules should be used to make young people aware of how conflicts can be handled constructively and to support the implementation of non-violent conflict coping in Austrian schools. Also to prove that arguing can be fun if the point is not to win but to turn the conflict into a win-win-situation for everybody involved.

The P.A.K.T. pilot project offered information material and networking to schools and pupils in preparation of visiting the Peace Museum in the province of Burgenland.

“Krieg oder Frieden” (“War or Peace”), which takes place at Schlaining Castle. Conflict education modules in the BUNTPACK package were offered to interested schools.

The P.A.K.T. pilot project was distributed to 40.000 pupils aged 6 to 18 in all types of schools throughout the province of Burgenland and beyond, it was also made available in all other schools nation-wide on request. In a relevant circular, the school authorities of the Burgenland recommended to all schools in the province to carry out the P.A.K.T. project.