Peace Matters

Peace Matters

‘Peace Matters’ is a project which aims to combine different fields of peace activities. Peace is not a condition of life that develops or disappears by itself. Peace is not the result of a decision by the leaders of society.

Peace is the result of our ways of dealing with each other, dealing with ourselves, realising our needs and ideas. Peace depends on how we act in our conflicts, how we care for our planet, how we handle technologies, how we use our freedom, how we take responsibilities and so on.

Understanding all these different meanings of peace and doing our individual share in developing peace will give us peace. For this reason we at Konfliktkultur initiate, organise and support different creative informative projects, workshops, events, discussions and campaigns about active peace. And we invite participation through ideas, proposals and activities.

Peace Matters offers several possibilities to join in.

We want to develop with ‘Peace Matters’ the preparation of several different activities, which could act as an important point of view to the abundance of violence & war elements in our societies.