Veto Online

Veto Online

The object of the project veto-online was to develop e-learning-modules for constructive conflict behaviour. During 2003 and 2006 we worked with students (age 16 to 22) of five European countries in developing playful creative electronic learning modules – hence strengthening their own intercultural democratic conflict culture.

The modules contained examples of conflict situations. Questions and suggestions led to various stages of the conflict´s development using images (illustrations, comics, photos) and music.

By answering to multiple choice questions at specific conflict turning points and through practical explanations the users experienced step by step whether the appropriate rules of constructive communication were being utilised.

The narratives were supposed to lead users through mazes with handicaps and wrong ways. Finding their way and following directions of basic information about escalation and decision making the users gained know-how and in the end built consensus.

One main principle of this project was to learn theoretically and, simultaneously, practice these techniques. The participating students observed and also learned to understand better their own conflict behaviour.